Natural Alkaline Mineral Water vs Artificial Alkaline Water

by Ian Simpson

Adam - Oct 10 2020

Natural Alkaline Mineral Water vs Artificial Alkaline Water: Why You Should Choose Natural?

Many Alkaline bottled water companies and machine based systems will try to mislead customers by marketing their products as ‘natural’ despite using tap water and electrolysis water ionizers. Artificial alkaline water products simply do not have the health benefits of natural alkaline water.

There are only two types of Alkaline water:
1. natural alkaline water made by nature with naturally occurring minerals, trace elements, and electrolytes.
2. Man-made artificial alkaline water produced mostly with tap water that has been transformed by an electronic process and added baking soda. Artificially produced alkaline water does not contain naturally occurring minerals. Many processed bottled alkaline water brands add small amounts of minerals to make it seem more natural and to claim they contain "electrolytes." 

Natural Alkaline Water = Balanced Alkaline Buffer System

According to the book The A to Z of Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements, "Ionic trace minerals found naturally occurring in natural alkaline mineral spring water can maintain and even improve acid-base balance in your body's 7.4 pH buffer system.

Should your body become overly acidic or alkaline, this imbalance can adversely affect the molecular structure of proteins in your body. This imbalance will not only damage the proteins but also can alter your cell functions. Natural Alkaline Mineral Spring Water contains alkaline minerals that may assist your body to restore its alkaline balance. Lithia Spring Water is a Natural micronutrient enriched alkaline mineral spring water that supplies a full spectrum of ionic minerals and trace elements. Natural Mineral waters are naturally balanced alkaline minerals, because they are created by mother earth, just like your perfect 7.4 pH body.

Artificial Alkaline Water = Imbalanced Alkaline Buffer System

Drinking artificial alkaline water fails to replace your body's vital ionic minerals and bicarbonates necessary for a balanced 7.4pH alkaline buffer system. A majority of artificial alkaline water that are imbalanced and lacking minerals may demineralize your body, releasing reserve ultimately making the person with a pH balance deficiency. 

Alkaline water machines use tap water, and what little mineral content it has is replaced with small amounts of platinum and titanium found in the plates. These plates create the electrolysis for the water to flow over to complete its alkalinity process. This type of artificial alkaline water may also cause an alkaline buffer system imbalance. All natural alkaline water's contain alkaline minerals and electrolytes that may help balance your alkaline buffer system.

Natural Alkaline Mineral Water = Superior Cellular Hydration

Natural alkaline mineral waters contain alkaline electrolytes that help build the body's alkaline buffer system while providing superior cellular hydration. Artificial alkaline water that has little or no alkaline electrolytes and can not provide adequate cellular hydration. Europeans prefer drinking natural alkaline mineral water instead of synthetic alkaline water for its superior taste and health benefits.

Natural Alkaline Water = Bicarbonate Buffer System Balance

The bicarbonate buffer system helps maintain the blood and other fluids within a narrow range—between pH 7.35 and 7.45. Bicarbonate is a significant element in our body. Secreted by the stomach, it is necessary for digestion. When you drink a natural mineral spring water that contains bicarbonate, like Lithia Spring Water, it helps buffer lactic acid generated during exercise and reduces dietary components' acidity. Finally, most artificial alkaline waters do not contain natural bicarbonates and therefore can not help balance the body's bicarbonate system .

Lithia Spring Water is a “High Mineral Content” Spring Water. This water of legends has more than 20X the micro-nutrients than most bottled Water products. Nature’s synergistic formulation of ionic minerals/elements energized by Lithium bicarbonate (LiHCO3) makes Earth’s Healthiest Water


 Since 1888 fresh from the spring

Freshly drawn water retains Alkalinity, Potency, and Earth's healing powers.

Ancient healing spring source

For thousands of years, Lithia Springs has been a sacred Native American Indian Healing Spring. 

Ancient Wonders at Lithia Springs

The world’s onl giant Smiling Turtle has beacon health-seekers for thousands of years. 

Great for everyone, old and young

Fresh, pristine, all-natural micro-nutrient rich alkaline mineral spring water.

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