5-LITERS PLAN SAVE 30%  Since1888 Lithia Spring Water

5-LITERS PLAN SAVE 30% Since1888 Lithia Spring Water

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How Our Annual Plans Work

Lithia Spring Water is shipped fresh, directly from the ancient medicine spring to you monthly. You may add more, modify or cancel your subscription at anytime by using your own customer portal.
  Our 5-Liters a month annual subscription plan allows you to experience one of the world's great health-enhancing waters at a 30% Discount Price.
Sourced directly from a sacred Native American Medicine Spring and produced in small batches. Shipped Fresh directly from Historic Lithia Springs GA to your home or office! 
* Rare High Ionic-Mineral Composition (TDS 2,200)
* Natural Lithium Bicarbonate (Li3 500 mcg/L)
* High Conductivity-Electrolytes (4,230 μS/m)
* Natural Alkaline Spring Water (pH 7.3 - 8.2)
* Naturally Fortified, Fresh, and Pristine
Satisfaction is Guaranteed. Allow 2-7 days delivery. 
                 "Since 1888 America's Legendary Healthful Water"
Lithia Springs only produces a few thousand gallons a day for the entire world! Your order helps your health and also helps the historic preservation of Lithia Springs.  NOT SOLD IN STORES~ONLY DIRECT.