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Lithia Spring Water 5-Liters Earth's Healthiest Water all-natural lithium bicarbonate nootropic nutrient rich delivered fresh

Lithia Spring Water Since 1888 5-LITERS 169 Fl Oz Discounts Earth's Healthiest Water

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Earth's Healthiest Water ~.100% natural Alkaline pH + Ionic-Minerals + Trace Elements + Electrolytes + Lithium + Monatomics, Nootropic. Shipped directly from our ancient Sacred Native American Healing Spring guarantees freshness and potency. 100% Natural healthful rare mineral composition. 3 -7 days for delivery.
* Nutrient Rich Ionic-Minerals /Trace Elements (TDS 2,200)
* Natural Alkaline pH Mineral Spring Water (pH 7.4 -7.8)
* Natural Lithium Bicarbonate (Li3 500 mcg/L)
* High Conductivity-Electrolytes (4,230 μS/m)
* Add, Pause, or Cancel Plan at Any time 
* Since 1888 Satisfaction Guaranteed
                            Since 1888  Atlanta's Water of Legends
Lithia Springs produces only a few thousand gallons a day for the entire world! Your order helps your health and also helps the preservation of  Historic Lithia Springs GA.  NOT SOLD IN STORES~ONLY DIRECT.