Earth's Healthiest Water

Since 1888 Atlanta's Legendary Fountain of Youth

Energetic Elemental Living Water

High Mineral Content Alkaline pH Natural Mineral Spring Water

Giant Smiling Turtle

Ancient Guardian of the Scared Lithia Springs

Pristine Nutrient Rich Lithia Spring water

Delivered Fresh Direct From The Source to Your Home

~Wide Spectrum of Health Benefits for Body & Brain~

CELLULAR HYDRATION~ Ionic Electrolytes

Every cell in your body emanates bio-electrical currents, it’s your life force. Electrolytes deficiency creates weak bio-electrical conductivity = bad health and disease. Lithia Spring Water’s 2,200 TDS/L high conductivity ionic electrolytes energizes your body and mind.

BRAIN HEALTH ~ Lithium Brain Cell Nutrient

Since 1888 Lithia Spring Water has been enjoyed as a brain health booster.
Aging Brain Syndrome begins at 30 and progressively gets worse after 50. This water of legends contains 500 mcg of ionic Lithium a Brain Nutrient, Mood Enhancer, Neuron  Modulator and Neuroprotecive.


This water of legends contains 222mg/L of Sulfate (S04). Your liver uses sulfate to produce Phase II conjugation enzymes that may help purge fat-soluble chemical toxins from your fat tissue. 16 Fl 0z twice a  day before meals for 5-days! Reduce chronic Toxin overload and Feel Great.

~100% Natural Micro-Nutrient Rich Lithia Spring Water shipped to your home~

Discount Plans & Eco-Friendly Dispenser

Earth's Healthiest Water shipped to your home in 5-Liter Eco-Dispensers. Delivery Discount Plans give you total control.  Increase, decrease quantities. Pause or cancel subscription, no penalties. 5-Liters Eco-Dispenser is BPA Free reduces plastic water bottle environmental contamination.

Delivered From The Source To Your Home

Fresh pristine nutrient rich Lithia Mineral Spring water delivered direct from our ancient healing spring to your home. Lithia Spring Water is 100% natural, unaltered, and pristine. Freshness retains this living energetic elemental water's  health enhancing properties and Earth healing powers

Lithia Water Scientific Research Studies

Lithia Water is a rare category of mineral spring water defined by the natural presence of Lithium (Li3). Lithia Water is one of the most scientifically researched types of water in the world because it is highly beneficial for human health and well-being. Considered one of Earth's Healthiest Water.


World's Only Giant Smiling Turtle Guardian

For thousands of years the world’s only giant
Smiling Turtle has beacon health-seekers to
come drink its sacred healing spring water.
The spring’s pristine primordial source is
miles deep within the Stone Mountain GA
geological pluton formation that was formed around 300-350 million years ago.

Atlanta's Legendary Fountain of Youth

The ruins of an ancient fountain and Spanish writings carved into giant granite boulders tell an amazing story.  Lithia Spring Water embodies Mother Earth's healing powers. Alkaline pH, electrolytes, lithium, silica, magnesium, potassium, sulfate, calcium, ORMEs (orbital rearranged monatomics). 

1887 Presidents and Poets Healing Water

Sweetwater Health Resort located at Lithia Springs GA. Presidents Grover Cleveland, William Howard Taft, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, and Mark Twain visited Lithia Springs to drink its healing water and see ancient ruins of a megalithic temple.  Since 1888 Atlanta's Water of Legends.

Could You Have a Lithium Deficiency?

Easy Lithia 5-Day Detox & Cleanse

Simply Earth's Healthiest Water

FREE 1890 Book Lithia Spring Water


This water really works! For years I suffered from low energy and just couldn't do anything. After drinking Lithia Spring Water for a few weeks I started to feel like my old busy self. My friends and family are happy to see me back.  I am super happy to be back. Thank you, Lithia Springs.

Cathy Nelson - Alabama

I was amazed at the mild sweet taste and the nice smooth feel in my mouth.  I thought all water was tasteless and empty because I drank processed bottled water. I eat natural foods, now I drink natural Lithia Spring Water and I feel great.

Susan Lewis - NY

I have started to drink this miracle spring water. I fill so much more alert mentally. I’m on my second bag now. You have a loyal customer now. Thanks for sharing this amazing water of life to the masses healing each individual one at a time!!!!

Gerald Jones- Atlanta