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Alkaline Lithium Bicarbonate (LiHCO3) Mineral Spring Water


Boost Mood, Cognitive Functions, Memory, Mental Energy


Naturally Boost Your Immune System 500 mcg/L Ionic Lithium


Naturally Boost Your Body's Sulfation Phase II Detox System

Immune Booster ~ Brain Booster ~ Detox Booster ~ Cellular Hydration Booster LITHIUM Bicarbonate ALKALINE MINERAL SPRING WATER + TRACE MINERALS + ELEMENTS + IONIC ELECTROLYTES

Lithia Spring Water Immune Booster properties depicted with an image of a blue super hero  blocking a virus

IMMUNE BOOSTER· Lithium 500mcg/L

Your first line of defense against viruses is your innate immune system. Modern
lifestyle’s diet, stress, lack of exercise, and dehydration may make your body vulnerable to viral attracts. There are many scientific studies that suggest Lithium may fortify and strengthen your Immune System.†

Lithia Spring Water Brain Boosting properties depicted with the head of a blue man with a transparent head that shows an active brainith a

BRAIN BOOSTER · Lithium 500mcg/L

Your brain requires a constant supply of micro-nutrient Ionic Lithium, Magnesium, and Calcium for energy metabolism of neurons. Lithium (Li3) is a micro-nutrient that may  improve cognitive function, executive functions, focus, memory, creativity, and motivation. Higher levels of mental energy.†

DETOX BOOSTER · Sulphate 222mcg/L

Scientists hyopotozie that Chronic Toxin Overload may be due to chronic exposure to environmental pollutants. Your liver uses Sulfate (S04) to produce Phase II conjugation enzymes that may help purge harmful fat-soluble toxins from your body, reducing Toxin Overload.†

The Source~ Smiling Turtle Water Temple Sacred HEALING SPRING

Lithia Spring Water's ancient fountain ruins are thousands of years old Spanish  writings carved into stone Fountain of youth

The Real Fountain of Youth™

For hundreds of years, explorers have searched for Ponce de Leon's Fountain of youth. None have yet discovered this legendary fountain and its health-boosting longevity water until now. Since 1888 visitors exploring the ancient fountain ruins were mystified by its ancient wonders and healing water.

Lithia Spring Water's World's Biggest Smiling Turtle stands over 30 feet high thousands of years old

Ancient Wonder Giant Smiling Turtle

For thousands of years the world’s biggest giant Smiling Turtle has beacon health-seekers to come drink its sacred healing spring water. The spring’s pristine primordial source is miles deep within  Stone Mountain GA geological pluton formation that was formed around 300-350 million years ago.

1890's Post Card depicting the 300 room Sweet Water Health Resort built in Lithia Springs GA 1887  Mark Twain and the rich and famous of the era travel to Lithia Springs to drink its health enhancing mineral water

1887 Presidents & Poets Healing Water

In 1887 the Sweetwater Health Resort Hotel hosted Presidents Grover Cleveland, William Howard Taft, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the Vanderbilts. They all came to see the ancient ruins of a water temple and to drink its legendary Lithia Spring healing water.

Enhance Your Cognitive Powers


Lithia Spring Water Fast Start depicts a young woman athlete in a sprint run

FAST START· Boost Your Mental Edge

The competitive edge in both sports and life is called the "mental edge." Lithia Spring Water boosts this powerful competitive force by fueling the neurons with Ionic Lithium, Magnesium, Calcium, Sulphate, Sodium Chloride, IntraCellular Hydration.    Get Off to a Fast Start


RIG-VEDA, sacred yogic book instructs Yoga students to drink Ayurveda Drinking Water. A natural alkaline mineral spring water that assists in unifying Mind-Body Connection while obtaining mindfulness. CLICK HERE Read or Download Yogic Water Info card

ENDURANCE · Hydration & Oxygenation

If you want to win the race, you have to sweat. Athletes sweat a lot, so they must keep hydrated and  rehydrated. Lithia Spring Water's ionic energetic electrolytes and Sulfate (SO4) boost intracellular hydration and oxygenation. Earth's Perfect Sports Drink - Go The Extra Mile

Powerful Naturally Safe Detoxier Water 5-Day Detox Cleanse Sulfation Phase II

Cellular Hydration ~Ionic Electrolytes


Nature's Healthiest Water

Micronutrient Enriched Mineral Spring Water Powered by Lithium (Li3)


You Are 33 Trillion Cells & 70% Water



This water really works! For years I suffered from low energy and just couldn't do anything. After drinking Lithia Spring Water for a few weeks I started to feel like my old busy self. My friends and family are happy to see me back.  I am super happy to be back. Thank you, Lithia Springs.

Cathy Nelson - Alabama

I was amazed at the mild sweet taste and the nice smooth feel in my mouth.  I thought all water was tasteless and empty because I drank processed bottled water. I eat natural foods, now I drink natural Lithia Spring Water and I feel great.

Susan Lewis - NY

I have started to drink this miracle spring water. I fill so much more alert mentally. I’m on my second bag now. You have a loyal customer now. Thanks for sharing this amazing water of life to the masses healing each individual one at a time!!!!

Gerald Jones- Atlanta

Thank You so very Much! I feel so much better when I am drinking Lithia Spring Water. I feel so blessed I found it. 

Carol Wheeler

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