Earth's Healthiest Alkaline Water 15+ Natural Trace Minerals and Elements Lithium delivered fresh
Earth's Healthiest Water delivered fresh from Atlanta’s Fountain of Youth to your home
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Lithia Spring Water Since 1888 20-LITERS 676 Fl Oz~SAVE 40% ~~Earth's Healthiest Water~~ Eco-Friendly No Plastic Bottles

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Earth's Healthiest Water™

Since 1888 Lithia Spring Water's natural health-enhancing Alkaline pH formulation of ionized minerals, trace elements, ionic electrolytes, and Lithium bicarbonate have made it Earth's Healthiest Water™.

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* Since 1888 Satisfaction Guaranteed

* Sacred Ancient American Healing Spring Source  

* Add, Pause, or Cancel Subscription Plan at Any Time

* Micro-Nutrient Enriched 15+ Ionic Minerals & Elements 

* Nature Made Live Structured Lithia Mineral Spring Water

* Naturally Enriched with Lithium Bicarbonate (Li3 500 mcg/L)

* Alkaline pH (7.4 -7.8) Balanced with Body's Natural 7.4 pH level

* Superior Cellular Hydration High Conductivity Ionic Electrolytes 

* Boost Immune System, Mental Energy, Cellular Hydration, Detox

Atlanta's Legendary Fountain of Youth
At the turn of the 19th-century, Lithia Springs GA was America's world-famous mineral spring. The rich and famous of the period journeyed to Lithia Springs to see ruins of an ancient water temple and to drink its legendary healing water.